The Barbarossa class of ocean liners

Barbarossa. Postcard, about 1903.
Barbarossa. Postcard, about 1903.

Prinzess Irene was one of eleven Barbarossa class ocean liners, which were launched between 1896 and 1901. These are the ships in the Barbarossa class (with launch dates):

Friedrich der Grosse (1896)*

Barbarossa (1896)*

Königen Luise (1896)*

Bremen (1896)*

König Albert (1899)*

Hamburg (1899)

Grosser Kurfürst (1899)*

Prinzess Irene (1900)*

Kiautschou (1900)

Moltke (1901)

Blücher (1901)

The North German Lloyd line operated the ships indicated with an asterisk (*).

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  1. Hi my Grandfather was on the Prinzess Irene. He came over from Naples to New York in 1911. I am interested in the history of this voyage; what did it cost? how long was the voyage? Just curious in the history.
    Thanks if you can direct me to more information.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. If your grandfather was in third class, then it would be hard to know the exact ticket price. The ticket probably cost between $25 and $50 at the time (between $675 and $1,349 in today’s dollars). The trip from Naples to New York took 12 days. Do you know the date your grandfather arrived in New York? Email us and we might have more details to give you about the specific trip: Thanks again!

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